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The building blocks of a good financial plan

Just as one’s financial situation, goals and preferences will be unique, so will their financial plan designed to achieve them. However, a quality financial plan should:

      • Be tailored to you. We help you understand your current position and explore your aspirations and their financial implications. We educate you on strategies that will improve your financial future to elicit your preferred route to goal achievement.
      • Have a backup plan should your ability to work be disrupted by poor health.
      • Minimise tax on your income from employment, investment earnings, retirement income, and your estate.
      • Maximise social security benefits.
      • Build a diversified portfolio of quality investments offering a rate of return and level of risk aligned to your goals and risk tolerance.
      • Use investments, superannuation funds and other structures that possess features aligned to your preferences at an efficient cost.
      • Ensure your estate wishes are adequately catered to.
      • Generate an income stream that funds your goals.
While the benefits are both tangible and intangible, research estimates financial advice can deliver the equivalent of approximately 3% per annum additional net returns1.

  • “The only constant in life is change.” – Heraclitus c. 500 BCE

A financial plan is formulated at a point in time based on the analysis of a person’s circumstances and relevant external circumstances. Over time, often unpredictably and unseen, these circumstances change. Regular reviews are important to determine whether the plan needs to change to ensure the strategies and products remain optimum.

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