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Aletheia Wealth

What our clients say about working with us

We have known Chris for 10 years and our experience working with him has been one of great positivity and reassurance. We have firm trust and confidence in Chris’ financial knowledge and have a personal connection with him.

Chris is always a gentleman with outstanding communication. He takes the time to listen to what we wanted as a couple and the personal goals we had envisaged for our finances moving forward. Chris provides us strategies to meet our lifestyle and implements ideas which are accommodated to our personal needs. Chris holds an exemplary knowledge and gives us the highest level of confidence in following his advice. His honesty about the potential for rises and falls in the market has given us a genuine understanding of the options available to us, making us feel much calmer and in control of our financial future. His suggestions have been achievable and have made us feel empowered and assured of our goals.

Chris has given us financial stability and significantly reduced anxiety around our finances, especially now we’re moving into the final phase of our working life before retirement. We highly recommend Chris’ financial advice and support to anyone.

Ian & Janette

Grant has been our financial adviser for the past fifteen years. He listens carefully to our requirements, and we have full confidence in his responses. He has an extensive knowledge of financial products as well as links to government agencies. Grant interacts with Centrelink on our behalf to ensure that their records are an accurate reflection of our position. This ensures that we receive our due share of age pension. His assistance to us in managing our financial affairs has been invaluable.

George & Elizabeth W

We have now both been happily retired for five years and are very grateful to have been dealing with Chris as our financial advisor for over 10 years. Through Chris’ professional advice we were able to feel totally confident in planning and transitioning into our retirement phase, and live life to the fullest and maintain a comfortable lifestyle that suits our needs.

Chris’ advice has always been tailored specifically for us – this includes many times providing strategies to help us benefit from the changing tax and investment laws. He has also continually ensured that we fully understand the financial implications of his advice and the benefits to us and our family. We look forward to continuing this professional relationship with Chris and Aletheia Wealth.

Janet & Trevor H

I have known and worked closely with Chris Kalpenos from Aletheia Wealth as my financial adviser for over six years. During good times and bad, his advice has proved to be very valuable. Chris is a very competent professional adviser, who is also sincere, friendly and easy to work with. He listens carefully to questions and replies clearly and directly. Chris and Aletheia Wealth have instituted a number of measures to be user-friendly for clients, including meeting at the client’s home, for which I am very grateful.

Since working with Chris, I have felt much more confident that my financial situation is under control and secured. I would recommend Chris Kalpenos and Aletheia Wealth to anyone who is not themselves a financial adviser!

Gary H

Grant Brook has provided me with financial advice and services for approximately 7 years. But more than that, Grant has been a confidant with whom I have shared dreams, fears, and family secrets along the way. As you would expect, a good advisor has a thorough knowledge of your circumstances and future goals and Grant is very good advisor. He has taken the time to gain a deep understanding of my circumstances and provides me with the confidence to follow my dreams and to make decisions that makes them happen. Money for home improvements and dream holidays to Great Britain, New Zealand, New York, a European Christmas, Cherry Blossom time in Japan, and European river cruising, has all come from – yes, my money – but the planning, effective strategies to maintain and grow wealth, and the confidence that Grant has provided me to live my best life.

Some years ago, Grant developed an investment strategy and implemented it over a three-year period which has had the benefit of reducing tax exposure by $45,000 and I appreciate the hard work behind that. I mention this as it highlights that annual fees paid can be recouped by smart investment strategy decisions that most people would never conceive, nor have the capacity to implement.

Recently my wife passed away. In addition to the emotional turmoil, there is an avalanche of administrative tasks to be done. Grant has provided great support, good counsel, and detailed service in updating the superannuation accounts in the most effective manner and providing detailed information about and assistance in dealing with Centrelink.

I always enjoy Grant’s very personable nature, and appreciate greatly that Grant is never too far away; a phone call or email is always responded to quickly, and any agreed action followed up on straight away. So many big businesses / organisations no longer provide the service that is required or expected. With Grant and Aletheia Wealth, they never let you down.

Peter J

My husband and I first met Grant Brook in 2012 when he was working with a financial advice company that had looked after our finances for a number of years. We found him to be knowledgeable, pleasant and helpful. We quickly developed a trust with Grant and were happy to take his advice regarding our finances.

In 2019 we learnt that Grant was leaving the company and in 2020 we learnt that he was setting up his own financial advice business. Unfortunately, my husband died shortly before Grant was ready to accept clients, so ultimately it was my decision to follow Grant.

It was my husband who had best understood our financial situation as my eyes tend to glaze over with all the facts and figures. This is where Grant came into his own. He has infinite patience and goes to no end of trouble to explain situations so that I can understand what is happening, and with my permission, he keeps our sons informed of my finances.

Among other benefits of joining Aletheia Wealth, Grant has been able to significantly reduce the cost of my investments and increase the return I receive on some of my assets that were not previously advised upon.

I trust Grant implicitly and it gives me great peace of mind to know that he is watching over my financial situation. I happily recommend him to anyone who is looking for a very competent, reliable and professional advisor.

Judy R

I have invested my superannuation funds for over twenty years. My superannuation is what I live on in retirement and I have always had an underlying awareness and sense of anxiety that I was trusting my entire livelihood to a company which I had little involvement in.  

During that time the company that I had originally employed changed ownership, name and personnel several times and my account stayed with the new entity. I first encountered Grant Brook when he was employed by this company some years ago. At the time I was impressed with his personal and courteous manner and his communication skills. For the first time I was really able to fully understand the processes and protocols of money management and feel that I had a genuine choice in decisions being made. I was sorry to hear that he had moved on.

When I heard that Grant had established a new firm called Aletheia Wealth I was immediately interested. After discussion with Grant and reading about the policy and practice of the new company, I could see that this would clearly meet my needs. I transferred my account to Aletheia as soon as I could, and Grant achieved a meaningful increase in my age pension and reduction in my account fees. Since then, I have been completely satisfied, in fact delighted, with the company’s management of my funds. 

One of Grant’s major skills is his ability to communicate – to listen and understand carefully and to provide advice and guidance to meet the needs and wishes that have been expressed to him. This personal and wholistic approach ensures that I feel confident in expressing and explaining my own goals and objectives, and appreciate that Grant will work with me to accommodate these. 

The company being readily available by email or telephone, and if necessary, a short notice personal meeting, is a major bonus for me. From time to time my plans or my circumstances change, and I need to be able to have a timely open and honest discussion. This is a strong feature of the client focus of Aletheia and very important. I am always confident that I can contact Grant with any personal financial issue that arises, and have the matter addressed.  

I now feel confident, comfortable and in control of my finances, which gives me the peace of mind and assurance necessary in such a significant part of my life. I would without hesitation recommend Grant Brook and Aletheia as outstanding financial managers, scrupulous in their attention to detail and big picture needs and wishes and courteous, timely and efficient in all communication. 

Judy D

We have been working with Chris for eight years and, without doubt, our financial profile is much better because of his expert advice. Chris has provided us with advice related to transitioning to retirement, legal tax minimization and maximizing wealth building strategies, and we have grown our assets with his guidance and support.

Chris has demonstrated his expertise, his contemporary knowledge and his superior attention to detail. He is thoroughly prepared for our regular meetings and our conversations are always helpful and constructive. Chris has patiently and thoroughly explained concepts in an easy to understand way which allows me to build my financial literacy over the years, to a level of confidence.

It has been a great pleasure to work with Chris, and we highly recommend him to anyone seeking ethical and helpful financial planning services.

Jen S