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Aletheia Wealth

Outcomes generated for our clients

The strategies we recommend, and their outcomes, are unique to each client due to their unique circumstances. Below are just a few examples of value generated for our clients. We encourage you to explore, with us, how these and other strategies may benefit you.

Getting more age pension

‘Sheltering’ assets in a younger spouse’s superannuation account to improve Centrelink outcomes. This strategy has seen some clients benefit by over $18,000 per annum.

Reducing estate taxes

Restructuring superannuation benefits for the next generation. We have seen examples of this strategy save over $200,000 in potential estate taxes.

Minimising taxes, boosting superannuation

Using tax-effective savings strategies for a person over age 60 earning $100,000 per annum could save total taxes of almost $15,000 over a 5-year period, boosting retirement savings and maintaining the same take-home pay.

Tax efficient structures

Where possible, using structures to limit tax on income, lump sum withdrawals, and investment returns to 0%.

Downsizer contributions

Improving Centrelink and tax outcomes following the sale of a family home.

Carry forward contributions

Capitalise on an underutilised opportunity to contribute amounts to superannuation beyond annual limits to mitigate the impact of high income or a large capital gain. Someone who has earned $100,000 each year from 1 July 2018 might be able to reduce their income tax by over $20,000 (offset by $9,000 superannuation contributions tax).

Optimising aged care outcomes

Effective structuring resulted in aged care fees being reduced by $28,525 per annum. In addition, the couple saw their combined age pension entitlements increase by $23,803 per annum.

Peace of mind

Having the clarity, confidence, purpose, and direction that comes with having clearly articulated goals, and quality strategies and investments to achieve them, overseen by an experienced financial adviser navigating their client through life’s financial complexities and protecting against making potentially costly mistakes.