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Aletheia Wealth

The cost of partnering with Aletheia Wealth

Our clients see the fees they pay for our services as an investment in their financial future. We see it the same way. Through our early interactions, and without cost or obligation to you, we look to identify the value we can generate. Where our value won’t exceed our fee, we aim to recommended alternatives to our services that move you further toward meeting your needs.

Our fees are dollar-based (not percentage-based) and depend on the agreed scope of services. Only once we have a sufficient understanding of your circumstances will we be in a position to agree on the scope of services to be provided and the associated fees. Please refer below for more information.

financial plan

Minimum $3,300

Implementation of your
initial financial plan

Usually $3,300 to $6,600

If subscribed to our ongoing service, implementation fees are ordinarily waived.


Minimum $5,500 pa

We encourage you to explore, with us, the value we can provide to put our fees into context. Often these fees can be funded from investment and superannuation products you hold and this may provide tax and cashflow benefits.